Q: How long are files stored on 4share.me?

A: The storage period depends on when a file was last downloaded. Files will stay on our server at least 180 days after the last download.

Q: Can I delete the files that i have uploaded?

A: Yes, of course! However, be careful what you do because there is no backup version of the files, so your files will be lost permanently.

Q: Do I have to note something when I upload a file?

A: You need to accept our terms of service and our privacy terms.

Q: Is there a speed limit?

A: No! You can download with full speed. There is no limit from our server!

Q: Is there a limit for maximum parallel downloads and uploads?

No! The amount of parallel downloads and uploads is unlimited.

Q: Whick kind of files can be uploaded here?

You can upload any kind of file. They must comply with the applicable laws of your country, for further information see §2 of our Terms of Use.

Q: Can files be restored?

A: No! Deleted files are lost forever. The user is responsible for backups.

Q: Can I rename my files?

A: No! That isn't possible.

Q: Is there a download limit?

A: No! There is no download limit. You can download as much as you want!

Q: Is there a upload limit?

A: No! There is no upload limit. You can upload as much as you want!

Q: Why is my download so slow?

A: Although 4share.me always try to ensure the continuous availability of this service (see §1.2 of our Terms of Use) but the stability depends on the server provider. We do not limit speed to anyone. So, if your download speed is too slow, please patiently waiting or check the internet connection speed from your country.

Q: Is this service really free of charge and wihtout obligation?

A: Yes! We provide our services free of charge. See also §1.1 from our Terms of Use.

Q: What is the maximum size for files?

A: 100mb maximumsize for files.

Q: Can I search for files?

A: No! That isn't possible.

Q: What can I do if I lost my download link?

A: Then you can no longer access the file. We allow uploading files without account. But you should create a free account to manage your data. You will never be afraid of forget about the download link.